Why Hire a Certified Professional Dog Trainer?

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA servicing Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Holly Springs and more.


Did you know that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer?

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In order to obtain a cosmetology license in barbering, cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, or waxing, students must complete 1000 hours of training plus pass a board certified exam and earn CEU’s to keep the license active.

In order to call oneself a Dog Trainer the requirements are: zero. There are no federal or state requirements.

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Why hire a Certified Professional Dog Trainer?
Because the welfare of your family and dog or puppy are too important not to.


How to Hire a Dog Trainer Position Paper  (American College of Veterinary Behaviorists)

How to Choose a Trainer  (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior)


  • ASK FOR QUALIFICATIONS. The ONLY independent, internationally recognized certification is the CPDT-KA. What professional affiliations does the trainer have? To what associations/professional groups does the trainer belong?
  • ASK if the trainer has signed a Code of Ethics such as the one I am bound by CCPDT Code of Ethics
  • ASK ABOUT CONTINUING EDUCATION. The field of dog training has changed dramatically through the years. Your trainer should be up to date on all the latest techniques and scientific studies.
  • ASK what the trainer is going to utilize to motivate your dog. There are only two ways to motivate a dog –  avoidance of pain or positive reinforcement (providing something of value, food, fetch, etc.) You should know, in advance, how the trainer will be motivating your dog.


I am a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer—Knowledge Assessed, the only independent,
international certification for dog trainers. I am also AKC certified.)

To become a CPDT-KA trainers must:


My Credentials/Certifications:

  • CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) #2112724
  • AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator #77330
  • Member APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) #74163
  • Former Chair for APDT Member Relations
  • Charter Member, Pet Professional Guild
  • Author of “Of Dogs and Men” column appearing in Chronicle of the Dog magazine
  • Rescue Reporter” for LI DOG DIRECTORY
  • Columnist, Barks from the Guild
  • Co-creator and presenter of “Transitions: Your Baby and Your Dog” program
  • Columnist for The Examiner
  • Member, Truly Dog Friendly as Positive Reinforcement trainer
  • Presenter Doggonesafe
  • Member IAABC
  • Extensive shelter/rescue experience


Continuing Education Seminars/Lectures/Workshops

  • Science Based Training With Feeling; Dr Ian Dunbar
  • Lassie Come! Patricial McConnell, Ph. D.
  • Cujo Meets Pavlov; Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB
  • Storm & Other Phobias; Dr Nicholas Dodman
  • Scent Work In Dogs; Susan Bulanda CABC
  • How to Run Successful Group Classes; Rocky Boatman
  • Training Dogs With Dunbar; Dr Ian Dunbar
  • Feeling Outnumbered? Patricia McConnell, Ph. D.
  • Behavior Problems; Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Helping Fido With Your Baby; Suzanne Hetts, Ph. D. and Daniel Estep, Ph. D.
  • Walking & Heeling; Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • The Art of Trick Dogging; Emily Larlham
  • Positive Reinforcement Beyond Food Rewards; Johnny Angel CDBC
  • For the Love of a Dog; Patricia McConnell, Ph. D.
  • Dominance Theory; Pam Reid, Ph. D.
  • Advanced Canine Behavior Seminar; Patricia McConnell, Ph. D.
  • From Leashes to Neurons and Psychopharmacology; Karen Overall, MA, VMD, Ph. D., DACVB
  • Rehabilitating the Shelter Dog; Pamela Reid, Ph. D.
  • Behavioral Genetics; James Ha, PHD, CAAB
  • Medications for Behavior Problems in Dogs and Cats; Louisa Beal, DVM
  • Motor Patterns and their influence on breed specific behavior problems; Ken McCort

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