Services Offered

Dog Training Services in Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Holly Springs.

The convenience of in-home, positive reinforcement training provided by a certified trainer.

  • Jumping up on guests – better to sit calmly.
  • Digging- keep your backyard looking nice.
  • Nuisance barking- silence is golden.
  • Chewing- furniture and shoes are not chew toys.
  • Pulling On Walks- keep both arms the same length 
  • “Come” this cue is a potential life saver for your dog.
  • Possessiveness over Food/Objects/Locations
  • Lack of Impulse Control- calm is good.
  • Nipping/Play Biting- it still hurts even if it’s play.
  • Canine Good Citizen training
  • House Training (puppy and adult dogs)
  • Basic Obedience Training- life saving cues.
  • Puppy Socialization- get your puppy off to the right start and prevent life-long issues.
  • Life Enrichment for Senior Dogs

The benefits of private training versus group class training.

  • If you were attempting to memorize a poem, which environment would be more conducive – the library, or a fireworks show? It’s the same for your puppy or dog. Science has proven, time and again, that new behaviors are most effectively taught in low distraction environments, like your living room rather than a class in a new environment with new dogs, new people, new sounds and scents all distracting your dog.
  • In a private setting, one-on-one assistance is how training is accomplished. In a group setting, at the end of a six week course, typically you’ll receive only 45 minutes of direct coaching and often this coaching is done by an assistant, not the trainer.
  • While it’s critical to socialize a puppy so the he/she meets lots of new people, after the first class, your puppy doesn’t gain any socialization she/he has already met every owner and puppy in the class.
  • Some dogs (and owners) are not suited to class situations no matter how large or small the class may be. In fact, it’s not unusual for dogs to learn undesirable behavior in group settings.
  • Dogs do not generalize behavior well. Often, what they learn away from home in a class setting, is forgotten when back in their home.
  • If your schedule is already bursting at the seams, finding the time to pack up Fido and drive to the group class can be a real burden. With private, in home training, I come to you and your dog learns manners within the home environment where he or she lives.

Services Offered

  • Puppy Socialization and Basic Obedience: The first 14 weeks of life are the most important in the life of your puppy (learn more here). This is the time to prevent prevent lifelong problems such as phobic reactions to strangers; noises; children; and separation anxiety as well as prevention of antisocial behavior. In addition, you’ll learn house training made easy for you and your puppy. I’ll also teach you how to prevent puppy nipping; jumping up on people; chewing the wrong stuff; ; And we’ll teach your puppy to reliably respond to basic obedience cues like “sit” “stay” “come” “drop” They are potentially life saving cues.
  • “Old dogs” new tricks Obedience Training: Your pooch, regardless of what age, can be taught any obedience cue from basics like “stay” to loose leash walking. You’ll be amazed at how much your adolescent or adult dog can (and wants to) learn. Keep that dog young by keeping her/his brain motivated. We can also work on changing behaviors such as jumping up on people, barking etc.
  • Behavioral Issues Modification: for issues such as resource guarding (dogs guarding their food or possessions);  fears and phobias such as separation anxiety, thunder and other sound phobias
  • Transitions: Your baby and your dog Wondering how to most safely introduce your dog to your newborn? This program, which I have presented for Winthrop Hospital,  will teach/coach you about the benefits for children growing up with dogs; how to acclimate your dog to the infant prior to your newborn’s arrival in your home; how to have a peaceful, safe home environment for both infant and dog
  • Clicker Trainingthis is a training method based on behavioral psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior and rewarding it. The clicker is a mechanical device that makes a short, distinct “click” sound which tells the animal exactly when they’re doing the right thing. This, combined with positive reinforcement, is an effective, safe, and humane way to teach any animal any behavior that it is physically and mentally capable of doing
  • Adopting a dog?Well begun, half done. The most important step in adopting a dog is choosing one that fits your lifestyle. Let’s perform an assessment of your potential adoption and learn how to acclimate your new dog to your home.
  • Kids and Dogs. 50% of children under the age of 14 have been bitten by dogs. This often happens when children interact with other dogs the way they interact with their dog at home. If you’ve got a tolerant dog at home, your kids might be developing some bad habits. Let’s teach your children appropriate ways to interact with dogs. If you don’t have a tolerant dog, let’s get to work on teaching your dog to truly like kids. Read review of my recent presentation of “Children and Dogs” for the Holistic Moms Network.
  • Canine Good Citizen: Teach your pooch the ten steps required to be certified by the AKC (your dog doesn’t have to be a pure breed dog to be eligible) as a Canine Good Citizen. I am a certified CGC evaluator.

Recommended by Gentle Care Animal Hospital, Kildaire Animal Medical Center, Mayfair Animal Hospital and NC State Veterinary College