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basic obedience • puppy training and socialization • problem behaviors • leash walking skills • house training issues • solving problems with dogs who guard their food, toys, etc • prepping the dog for the arrival of a newborn • specific behavior issues such as excessive barking, nipping, biting, unwanted chewing, destructive digging, jumping up on guests, and much more.

Endorsements/Rave Reviews

Testimonials "John is brilliant, innovative and always willing to offer advice and help solve a problem. He is an excellent positive dog trainer. John holds himself to the highest professional standards. I recommend John as a dog trainer and motivator." Michelle Douglas (former President, Association of Pet Dog Trainers)Read More

Services Offered

ServicesFrom puppy training  to behavior modification of adult dog problems, we’ll work together on:
Jumping up • Digging • Nuisance barking • Chewing all the wrong stuff • Pulling On Walks • “Come” means “I’ll check my schedule and get back to you” • Possessiveness over Food/Objects/Locations...‎Read More